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For many brands, packaging is the most important means of visualisation. But, of course, it’s not the only manifestation of a visual identity.

Brand design

That’s why designing packaging is not the only thing we do. Sometimes we also help to come up with the right name or logo, or even take a critical look at the entire brand design. The objective is always to further hone the brand story in order to present it even more effectively.

Design philosophy

A good design philosophy can really create impetus for a brand, regardless of whether it’s a private label, a private brand, an A-list brand or a completely new brand. When it comes to entire product lines or multiple different categories, it certainly pays to think seriously about the ideas behind the brand and to incorporate them in all the design elements. However, we don’t adhere to any kind of strict set of hard and fast rules. In fact we develop a series of soft(er) factors that designs must always comply with. This creates cohesiveness and an unequivocal brand image.

Integrated communication

Design elements are things like structure, typography, use of colour, use of imagery, photography, tone of voice. But we also love to help our clients think about communication concepts, pop-up stores, content campaigns, internal branding or events, in order to effectively integrate all the brand content. This enables you to tell an unambiguous story, allowing the consumer to accurately feel what your brand is all about.

Let’s spar!

That’s why we don’t sit down at the Mac to start designing a brand identity, but rather we start by discussing ideas with you, the client. We will go through our positioning process together, in order to articulate precisely what the brand really represents and what it needs. From a design perspective, this is how we build a strong brand together. We’re already up for it!

Get in touch

Is your brand ready for an impactful product restyling? Or would you prefer to simply discuss your ideas with us? Pieter and Tessa would love to help! Feel free to contact us.