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Work style

We will surprise you again and again with strikingly good packaging designs. By thinking and doing things just a little bit differently. We involve you early in the creative process and you’ll be in direct contact with the creators. Or the planners. That makes the work better, the process faster and the partnership nice and smooth.

Ons proces



You tell us who you are and what you need. Tell us about your challenge, the brand, the market, the context, the objective. We get to know each other, we grill you (not literally, don’t worry) to get to the bottom of the why behind the briefing.



We summarise everything we know in a debrief. Are we all on the same page and are the basic principles clear? Great! In addition, of course, we explain the budget, the process and the timeline. That way, you’ll know exactly where you stand.



To create a powerful brand and design, you need clear-cut design objectives and a unique brand story. We articulate these in a vibrant manifesto. It tells all parties in no uncertain terms: This is what we’re committed to and this is how we aim to achieve it. You’ll be raring to go!



Based on the manifesto, our designers then develop surprising concept proposals. We visualise them using manual sketches and mood boards. Sometimes we go all out and show you all of them. All of them? Yep. We’re not afraid. In fact, we believe wholeheartedly in it.



We flesh out the designs. Now they really start to shine. Yippee! We design a few facings for each of the selected concept proposals, enabling you to see what each family looks like. After you’ve given it due consideration, you decide: which design will it be? (cue: drum roll!)



This is the stage when the packaging really comes to life. A complete design is made and photography and illustrations are created. This is also when you can expect to see the conversion to different variations and packing forms in the series. Fun!


Master artworks

Now the real work starts! Our DTP department now gets to work on master artworks. These are made totally print-ready. What we call ‘Brummelled’. We make just a few different variations and these serve as the basis for all the other artworks. Next!


Roll-out of artworks

Now all the other artworks are meticulously finalised and thoroughly checked by all the parties. As long as it takes for them to be perfected. We won’t settle for less. And then it’s time to get them off to the printer’s!

Get in touch

Is your brand ready for an impactful product restyling? Or would you prefer to simply discuss your ideas with us? Pieter and Tessa would love to help! Feel free to contact us.