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A taste of tradition


Packaging Restyling illustratie

Pancakes, poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes), and pizzas with a generous dash of Dutch down-to-earthness: that's our Jan!

Jan's challenge

The idea behind Jan was clear: to revitalize the chilled pancake market with ready-made products that are hardly distinguishable from homemade ones. Not just for families with children but accessible for anyone who loves freshly baked convenience. Mixed with Dutch down-to-earthness and a positive vibe, topped off with humor. But how do you translate that into packaging?

Our solution

Combining various visual elements that not only make the packaging stand out on the shelf but also bring a smile to your face. The following elements make the Jan brand recognizable and timeless:

- Doodles: featuring a chicken, cow, sheep, or pig! Fun fact: the illustrator initially made these doodles too perfect. Eventually, Pieter, our director (one of the few who can't handle Photoshop or Illustrator), drew the doodles. These farm animals add a cheerful and humorous touch to all the packaging.

- The brand name 'Jan': an authentically Dutch name paying tribute to the founder of the pancake factory in Sliedrecht: Jan Vink. He started baking pancakes in the attic of his parents' farm. The quintessentially Dutch name 'Jan' symbolizes down-to-earthness.

- Ruled paper: used by Jan himself to make a shopping list. Gives all Jan packaging a distinctive look.

- Photos of Dutch subjects (like cows) or prepared products: in a collage style. Emphasize the brand's Dutch roots or trigger an extreme craving for the product.

The result

Sinds its launch in 2010, Jan has experienced explosive growth. Jan boasts a spontaneous brand awareness of over 50%. It's not just known for its delicious pancakes but has also become recognized for poffertjes, American pancakes, and pizza dough. It's a result that we're proud of!

The pizza box

For everyone eager to unleash their inner pizza chef, we collaborated with Jan to create the pizza dough ball: a ball of pizza dough that you knead yourself into a pizza base. We designed the box for this dough ball in the shape of a real pizza box, just in miniature. This accentuates the artisanal pizza-making feeling even more.

Get in touch

Is your brand ready for an impactful product restyling? Or would you prefer to simply discuss your ideas with us? Pieter and Tessa would love to help! Feel free to contact us.